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The Spuddy Badminton Club has been formed with an objective to provide a perfect platform for upcoming badminton players in the city of Gurgaon, Haryana, so that they can enhance their skills and talent under the best playing conditions. Badminton is also a wonderful sport to improve the fitness and keep the body charged and active. Hence, we at Spuddy, welcome the people of all age groups to play and enjoy the game of Badminton in one of the best sports clubs in the city.

We at Spuddy provide the best indoor badminton courts, coupled with world-class facilities to the players of all ages and all levels. You can practice at the club every day and night irrespective of the adverse weather conditions. We promise the safe, clean, and perfect playing conditions.

The club is located in the premises of 20,000 square feet. 10,000 square feet Covered and 10,000 square feet Open area.  at the prime location of the city of Gurgaon, Haryana. The place is safe with the proper security arrangement, so that you can practice your badminton skills in a pleasant environment without any hassles or stress.

Our Key Objectives

At Spuddy Badminton Club, our key objectives are as follows:

  • To take the game of badminton to new heights in the city of Gurgaon
  • To nurture the Badminton talents and skills in the city by providing them perfect platform and environment to practice.
  • To endorse badminton as a game to stay fit for everyone
  • To offer world class facilities and playing conditions to the Badminton lovers in the region.
spuddy indoor badminton court

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