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Spuddy Badminton Club ensures the world class facilities and arrangements for the players coming to the club to enjoy their game and train hard under expert coaches.

Here are the key facilities you get while playing at Spuddy Badminton Club:

  • 3 PVC Badminton courts
  • Separate Locker to keep your equipments and other stuff
  • Dedicated audience area for visitors (Friends and Relatives)
  • Changing Room along and shower facility for Males/Females
  • Purified drinking water available through RO Water Purifier Systems
  • Premises is secure and safe as guards are on duty 24 X 7
  • Complete power backup
  • Indoor Badminton courts to practice day and night at all times, regardless of adverse weather conditions

We at Spuddy make certain that all the club members, pass holders, and drop-in players get the top class arrangement and facilities at the club, while paying the reasonable fees.

Parking space

Separate change room

3 PVC Badminton courts

Water purified



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